Filtered Shower Head

For Vitamin C Cartridge: On average, you can use up to 1,320 gallons before the VC gel is completely depleted, which is around 2.5 months for a household of 1, 1-2 months for a household of 2 and 3.

For PP Cotton Filter: Lasts 1-2 months

For Microfiber Cloth: Lasts 1-2 months

For Mineral Disk Filter: Lasts 3-4 months

The lifespan of each filter depends on the usage and your tap water quality coming through your water piping system.

All filters must be replaced to maintain optimal filtration results.

Our shower head does not come with a hose or bracket. If you are already using a handheld shower head, you can simply replace it with Tonic Bubble shower head following our instruction. If you do not have a handheld shower head installed, you will need to purchase a shower bracket and hose separately.

Tonic Bubble shower head fits the global standard tap 1/2-inch thread which the majority of homes have. If you are unsure about your shower head fitting, you can email us a picture of your current shower head at support@tonicbubble.com and we can help you!

Our Vitamin C filters are made from natural ingredients: 75% of pure ascorbic acid (this is Vitamin C), essence, distilled water, pectin and dextrin (an edible starch). We have obtained SDS and SGS certificates for the Vitamin C filter and it’s proven to be safe to use for even children and pets!

Water softeners and water filters perform two different types of treatment.

Tonic Bubble Shower Head filters out unwanted chlorine, chloramines and mineral contents like copper, lead, iron, and manganese. As a result, it reduces soap scum and alleviates some damaging effects of hard water on your skin and hair.

A water softener is a large industrial system built into your home that combats calcium and magnesium by replacing them with sodium or potassium chloride through a process called ion exchange. While we may help reducing limescale to a certain extent, we won’t be able to remove it 100%.

Please be aware that a water softener does not remove any chlorine, dirt, sediments and contaminants. Therefore, depending on your needs, you may only need a water filter or water softener — or in some cases, a combined water filter and softener.

In areas where tap water contains excessive amounts of contaminants and minerals may cause build-up and interruption of water flow. To solve this problem, simply wash both sides of the spray plate or replace the microfiber cloth.


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